Our tenth episode features a tournament review from UK WAR and Thronestoberfest. The winning regent, Austin "Strong Bruh" Restaino shares his experiences from the record breaking performance. We discuss the current state of the meta, from the resurgence of Sea of Blood to new cards in the upcoming Targaryen box. Don't miss out on this cast!

In our ninth episode our very own Euro Bruh talks about his experiences at Euros in Krakow Poland. Solo Bruh shares his thoughts on the Lord of the Crossing tournament recently run in New Jersey. A new Syrio's training segment explores deck building, specifically targeting plot selection. We also discuss cards that are fun to build around. Check out this great cast!

The 2019 GenCon champion Tom Melucci joins the Stormbruhs in a new Summoned to the Court episode. Tom shares his experiences, strategies and advice. Don’t miss out on this great episode.  

Join Euro Bruh, the Whale Bruh and our permanent guest, the Solo Bruh,  as we preview GenCon 2019​. Decks to expect; surprise factions and more. We look forward to the upcoming Targaryen box and share our thoughts on some of the cards that have been leaked. A new "Syrio's Training" episode explores agenda selection.

Chris the Solo Bruh Vac, first of his name and independent mercenary for hire, joins us again for our seventh episode. We sum up the Spring tournament season and discuss the Bara box. We also introduce a new segment, "Syrio's Training" to help new players learn skills in analysis and play. Our first episode will be to help new players look through the latest chapter pack and decide what is and isn't a good card.

In our third episode of our series we summon Chris Vac to the court. Chris shares his origins to the game, play-styles and gives recommendations to new players. The Stormbruhs discuss the spoiled cards form the next chapter pack (At the Gates). Finally the topic of skill cap is visited. Don't miss this great episode!

Euro Bruh and Stout Bruh bring to you a special edition episode following the ThronesWAR 2019 tournament. Our Greyjoy teammate Chris Vac joins us as we recap our experience. Don't miss out on our first video cast!

Our inaugural Summoned to Court episode features two time Italian National Champion Nicolò "Nimer" Merusi from Parma Italy. Known for his unique deck building talents and tournament success, Nicolò has become well known in the thrones community. Join us as we discuss his start into the card game, deck building strategies, his best and worst plays as well as much more!

In episode 6 we welcome special guest Michael Arroyo, fresh off his win from the Red Saturday tournament in New York. Mike, Strong Bruh and Euro Bruh recount their experiences and get some insight into the tourney winning deck. We examine some cards from the spoiled Greyjoy box and share some exciting announcements about Thrones W.A.R. 2019. 

In episode 5 we welcome special guest  Daryl Joseph Michael Webber Jr. the Third, Lord of Olney, Builder of Builders and self-proclaimed Targaryen loyalist. We discuss the experience of Worlds 2018 and discuss the current meta. We share our insights on the World winning factions and discuss the new shadows agenda. 

In episode 4 Strong Bruh walks you through his regional win at the Bay of Crabs tournament. We discuss Thronestober fest, and the importance of drafting players over houses in the WAR format. Naturally the Bruhs discuss the Raider-Pinch combo and what it does for the game. Don't miss our great podcast and make sure to like us on facebook! 

In episode 3 the Stormbruhs walk you through the evolution of the 2018 Nationals winning deck. Learn about the team work that went into crafting the championship deck that our very own Stout Bruh helmed to victory. We also discuss faction familiarity  in advance to the upcoming Thronestober Fest in Philly.

In our second episode we welcome a new Bruhther, Stout Bruh, aka Dustan Archer to the group. Euro and Stout Bruh recount their Kubla Con experiences. Wars to Come and Qohor agendas are examined, as are some recent spoilers. 

In this episode we launch our very first podcast. We begin with the retirement and un-retirement of one of our founding members. Next we discuss the new Rookery format. Each Bruh provides their best 2 rookery cards for their designated factions. We finish with discussing the Great Hall format meant to promote Rookery.

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